Mythic tales have survived countless generations on every continent; inspiring wisdom, nobility, courage; raising hope in the face of despair; preserving the human spirit across the ages. But what of the larger-than-life characters who inhabit these stories? Are the heroes and villains of folklore only faceless archetypes, or are they something more?

In a not-too-distant future . . .

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Marooned in post-apocalyptic Britain, an American computer scientist changes his name to Merlinin part a response to the madness that consumed him when Armageddon took his wife and unborn child. In an amazing underwater Sanctuary, he discovers technologies that make the nom de guerre his destiny.

In Shadows of Light and Sound, the quantum supercomputer Qassandra provides a new Excalibur for Merlin’s young protégé. But convincing the Directors the lad is King Arthur seems a pipe dream at best. Powerful forces are arrayed against them, and bizarre echoes of the legends seem to be multiplying out of control.

Merlin uses potent VR tech to program a teen who has no memory of his past with the knowledge and experience befitting a legend. His “blank slate” has more latent talent than even a madman dared hope for. But the Solstice draws near, and the true test awaits.

Who will draw the sword from the stone...?

The Merlin Protocol v2: Shadows of Light and Sound
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The Merlin Protocol v1: A Darkness Past Midnight
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This is your portal to information about The Merlin Protocol, a science fiction/fantasy series in six parts. Volumes 1 & 2 are out now; watch this space for news about Volume 3, coming in 1Q2017.

I’ll be posting images of the storys characters and locations from time to time (The World), as well as restarting my blog (soon). I hope youll stop by often to see whats going on.

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