Mythic tales have survived countless generations on every continent; inspiring wisdom, nobility, courage; raising hope in the face of despair; preserving the human spirit across the ages. But what of the larger-than-life characters who inhabit these stories? Are the heroes and villains of folklore only faceless archetypes, or are they something more?

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What happens when prophesies of Armageddon self-fulfill? When prayers summon the End of Days, but not the Rapture? When the horrors of war’s aftermath make the billions who died screaming the lucky ones? Is it possible for a different prophesy to set things right again?

American computer scientist Steven Rayne is staking his life on it. Marooned in Britain, robbed of his wife and unborn child—as well as, it must be said, his sanity—he has changed his name to Merlin. Whether sublimely inspired, or only barking mad, with help from mysterious and powerful computer networks he may yet find destiny in the audacious nom de guerre.

In 2041, a dozen years post-apocalypse, a new Merlin has emerged from hermitage in a fabulous underwater Sanctuary. Wielding technologies that rival the powers of his namesake, he’s trying to relight hope’s cold candle in a new Dark Age. To save the world, Merlin wants to recreate Camelot. Hes going to find that legends have minds of their own...