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The Merlin Protocol is told in six parts. The world is a dozen years on the wrong side of an apocalypse; it’s a new dark age, ruled by feudal overlords and VR escapism. Science fiction meets fantasy on a playing field leveled by catastrophe, and no one can say which will emerge triumphant.

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A dozen years after Armageddon, American-born Steven Rayne assumes the identity and responsibilities of one of Britain’s most compelling mythic figures. Is he only a madman whose delusions risk the lives of all around him? Or a visionary who can save the world? In truth, he may be both.

When Merlin discovers that the young man who rescued him from an ambush has amnesia, he recklessly begs an even greater favor. So desperate is he to stop the villain Lord Gore from seizing the throne, he ignores his moral compass and enlists the lad to play the role of Arthur, The Once and Future King.

It’s an insanely dangerous gambit, and success is a remote chance at best, but Merlin has connections that could turn the odds in their favor. If he can convince the AI supercomputer that created his psi-crystal flute to construct a sword from the same miraculous technology, he and Arthur may yet bring hope to a beleaguered nation.

The Merlin Protocol v1: A Darkness Past Midnight
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Merlin’s protégé shares his loathing for the horrors of war, and he submits to a grueling training regimen using highly advanced VR technologies. Lessons transform the lad into a more-than-credible Arthur, and Merlin further provides him with a modern version of Excalibur. But will the Directorate buy what they’re selling?

It’s not likely—not when Lord Gore insists the crown be his. Intimidating as the cyber giant is, a woman may be the more formidable adversary. Her name a surreal echo of the legends, Jennifer Niles Morgan also is rumored to be a sorceress; putting a bizarre cherry on top, her Nomansland headquarters is the Camelot Hotel in Wales.

At Stonehenge, Merlin re-stages the ritual of choice; Arthur frees the sword from the altar stone, convincing the crowd a legend is reborn. But as the lad is acclaimed king at Darkshire Tower, Lord Gore lays siege. With defeat for Arthur and Merlin all but assured, a ragtag army suddenly rushes onto the field.

The Merlin Protocol v2: Shadows of Light and Sound
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Following their unlikely triumph over Gorham and his mercenaries, Morgan captures Merlin and Arthur and imprisons them in Wales. Bewitching the boy with ethereal beauty, powerful drugs, and clever lies, the woman convinces him they are Merlins prisoners. Before she can secure her hold on the lad, his mentor escapes.

Student fights teacher, but rather than risk hurting the boy, Merlin surrenders his weapon; the selfless act breaks the woman’s spell. As her schemes to control Arthur and the throne crumble, Morgan turns to a reckless backup that goes even more awry: the dragon she summons to attack the two men is also destroying her beloved Camelot home.

Stunned by Morgan’s command of an all-too-real sorcery, Merlin and Arthur desperately battle her creature, as it rampages out of control. To save all their lives Merlin must reopen the portal to ensnare the dragon, but he and Morgan are caught up in the closing gateway. Arthur is safe for the moment, but he faces a daunting future alone.