About Me

Writer M. E. Mendrygal is surnamed by a transliteration of a Slavic word for mandrake. Consistent with the import of true names, his fascination with the mythic and supernatural has been lifelong. And magic is as good an explanation as any for the Brownian motion that delivered him to the launch of his science fiction/fantasy series, The Merlin Protocol. 

The Vietnam-era vet earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan (pre-military) and UCLA (post-). While doing a journeyman’s triage for the mental health profession in Los Angeles (i.e., tending bar), he learned that cliches demanded he have a second careeras either an aspiring actor, director, or writer. He gravitated toward the most difficult of the three.

When his first screenplay was optioned but never produced, that psych background helped him survive the curse of early success—because in the way of Hollywood, even less came of the second... third... fourth... Undaunted, he co-founded (with Jorjana Kellaway and Charles Bernstein) Your Show of No-Shows, a video comedy workshop focused on developing the acting/directing/writing chops of the nine group members. Unwittingly, he was girding himself for a career-tangent driven by the advent of personal computers. 

Computers transformed Mendrygal’s approach to the written word and reignited his interests in 3D modeling, 2D illustration, and A/V production—combined talents that led to his recruitment for a small technology think tank, inside a gargantuan financial corporation. There, at the dawn of the Internet Age (before the big banks were revealed to be 
evil incarnate), he helped design, consumer-test, and deploy a full slate of award-winning online banking products. Technically it was writing, and it more than paid the bills—while he continued to work on a story he’d been waiting all his life to tell. 

The Merlin Protocol is based on the single-most enduring legend in Western culture. Drawing energy from the author’s love of music, mythology, arts and sciences, the tale takes flight because others have shown the way. The works of Charles Stross and Joss Whedon shine bright lights on the conflicted, enigmatic nexus of science fiction and fantasy—burnishing rare gems that J.R.R. Tolkien and Roger Zelazny had forged for him in his youth.

Currently preparing for indie publication the third installment of his six-part series, as well as developing media to support the rollout and promotion, he lives in suburban Atlanta with Donna, his wife, editor, and muse, and their utterly mad feline, Cleo.